Blue eyes-

flecks of gold

swimming in deep sea.

The couch in the living room-

20 years old, antique and withered,

battered and old.

The IQ on the Binet Test,

higher than the norm;

His brain of numbers,

and figures and facts.

The beat in his heart

silent silent  dead.







StockSnap_4NA5X0IBL4.jpgThey told me I was playing with you

by abandoning the Indian dream

of science and numbers,

doctors and engineers.

I should reconsider,

take the safe route,

the risk is too high

there is no honour

with language and art,

opportunities are few

it’s terribly likely that

I won’t have you.


Half a decade later

with a smirk I can say

if you truly are a gamble

I’ve won the game.