Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer

Its red riding hood revamped, and I loved every bit of it. Like it’s predecessor, Scarlet hardly sticks to the original story. The main characters of the original story – red riding hood as Scarlet Benoit, the hunter as Hunter, the wolf as Wolf and The Grandmother as Michelle Benoit and the disguise as the grandmother seem to be the only things taken from The Brothers’ Grimm fairytale. Other than that, the story is vastly different.


The book is divided between the story of Scarlet and her search for her missing grandmother, and Cinder and her escape from prison. There’s a new character in Cinder’s life – Captain Thorne, her partner in escape and he’s likable in a very self-loving and humorous way. Iko fans can rejoice, there’s good news in store for you. We get a few scenes of the beloved prince Kai, as well as Cinder’s step-mother and step-sister. What about Queen Levana? Yeah, she’s evil as ever. Usually characters like Wolf revolt me. Strong, macho and aggressive alpha males. But I like Wolf, I don’t know, I just really do like him. He reminds me of Jacob from twilight, but a more likable version of him. And a hotter one too. And Scarlet? She’s sort of bitchy in a way that makes me really like her. I’d say this book is better than it’s predecessor. It’s fast paced and I finished in just two sittings! In fact, it got me so hooked, that I immediately started Cress. my rating – Star Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and Photos Goodreads link to the book –


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