Lola Lola… eccentric and over the top Lola. Lola is in love with her boyfriend Max who is a typical bad boy – tattoos , rock band and all. Lola loves him and Max loves her . so what’s the problem then? Her fathers seem to loathe him and her best friend isn’t too crazy about it either, and she can deal with that until a ghost from her past – Cricket Bell, the boy next door moves back to town.

This is my least favorite book from the series, I couldn’t really connect with the characters. Lola seems a bit selfish and well, she lies a lot to her boyfriend. She emotionally cheats on him and she probably would have gotten physical too if Cricket had not stopped it. I find that in all her books, Stephanie Perkins has a very lax view about cheating in a relationship, which is a negative for me. While I think it’s alright for writers to have characters that cheat to make things more realistic it seems to me like the person being cheated -Ellie , from Anna and the French kiss and Max from Lola and the Boy next door.on is just portrayed like an asshole in the end.

So Anna and St. Claire are featured in this book, and honestly they disgusted me. They didn’t seem anything like the Anna and St. Claire from Anna and The French Kiss. You know those annoying couples who are always cooing over each other and are never without each other like 24/7? Yeah, that’s Anna and St. Claire. Their appearance in the book is so unnecessary and forced. I found St. Claire a bit annoying in the first book, but this one just made me despise both of them. The fact that Lola makes them out to be the ideal couple just gets on my nerves.

Cricket and Calliope Bell. Two names that made me go what the f—-?
As an Indian I could not stop picturing cricket as this


I’m sure the rest of the world sees him as

I read somewhere that Stephanie Perkins was rushed into writing this book, I think that it’s completely plausible that had she had more time, this book would have been heaps better.

MY RATING –Star Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and Photos



  1. It sounded pretty interesting but from the review I can see where it went down hill and seemed kind of rushed. I would love for you to review my book and give your opinion of my characters relationships. It’s the first in the series of seven titled ‘The Water Travelers’ so, if your a fan of series, then you may enjoy it! It’s also currently free right now!

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    Hope you check it out and again I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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