My thoughts
‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel… throw down your long hair.’
That part does not make it into Cress, which is of course a retelling of Rapunzel.
Futuristic Rapunzel’s name is Cress and she’s stuck in a satellite, not a tower. This retelling is the closest to it’s original compared to the other books in the series. There’s the evil witch, the damsel in distress whose tresses had to be cut off and there’s the prince who turns blind.

I liked this book the least, probably because I found Cress to be immature, annoying and slightly delusional. Granted, she was stuck in space for seven years but she’s still annoying. Her being paired off with Captain Thorne is slightly weird, plus she went all stalker mode on him. No, she used to totally fangirl over him.
There are a very few scenes involving Wolf and Scarlet, who I absolutely ship and who I think are my OTP! Things go bad for the couple, like honestly… this novel has only tragic things for Wolf and Scarlet, which made my heart ache. And poor Wolf, he’s like a lost puppy without Scarlet.
Cinder is her usual self, acting in a very not-princess-like manner. She manages to kidnap a prince, er…I mean emperor right under the Lunar Queen’s nose. And she has a new accomplice, but is he trustworthy? Who knows?
Another princess makes an appearance, so keep an eye out for her.
I probably would have liked this book a lot more if there was a lot less of Cress. How mean of me right? But I did skim read a lot of Cress’ perspective….oops. I can’t really hold it against the author, because I’ve liked all her other characters, it’s just Cress who doesn’t appeal to me.

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BTW, on a somewhat related but not really related note – Tangled is my favorite movie.
So, what’s your favorite movie ?


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