you are my soul-
frosty, frosty,
ruthless and cold.
they misjudge us.
we were not born
made of stone.
We froze over after
ages and ages
of having hope,
of having hope
destroyed and crushed.
So we froze our hearts
to freeze the embers
that once warmed and glowed.

You are my life.
I Survived and survived;
I survive
Because I won’t melt.
I am ice
and my blood is cold cold.
We were not born
with no hearts,
we froze them.
we are numb,
we are immune.
Nothing can
ever shatter us.

I still crave that summer
before we froze over,
before we turned to ice.
Before blizzards fought
the warmth of sunshine.
Before I learned,
before I was forced
To freeze my heart;
But only for a moment.
Because winter,
We are ruthless,
We are stone,
We are invincible.


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