When it first opened its pages, I expected nothing like what the book is. I knew the characters are older, so I thought it would be hard to relate to them and I’d get bored. Honestly, I can’t relate to a sociopath or to a 30 something cheating man, but nonetheless this book left me awestruck.
I don’t really think there’s much of a suspense factor, the story line is mildly obvious but what really appealed to me, besides Flynn’s amazing writing style is her detailed characters.
The book is narrated from the two protagonists Nick and Amy’s views. The book starts out with the reader being painted a picture of a virtuous Nick – good son, good brother and good husband. And after his wife goes missing, one by one each of his flaws is revealed! Even Amy’s diary initial entries paint a picturesque view of her husband. But Nick complains about his poor wife whose only fault is that she’s too romantic.

Nick and Amy are a toxic couple – Nick is cowardly and Amy would be toxic with anyone. For some absolutely unknown reason, I love Amy. I love her scheming evilness and her need to obtain justice for herself. Right now I’m unsure whether liking a character who is a sociopath makes you a sociopath too. I hope not.
This is hands down one of the best books I’ve read, and I will recommend it a thousand times over. I won’t give much away because this is a book that needs to be explored without prior knowledge of its events.

MY RATING – Star Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and PhotosStar Pictures, Images and Photos



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