She searched the box in the school office

the one labeled LOST AND FOUND.

She slowly picked each item

and then she put it down.

Home she went

empty handed,

empty hearted,

and to her mother asked

if she had seen that little piece

that incredibly important part

that painted sunshine in winter

and drew snowmen in the rains

that skipped school

and jumped in puddles

that rolled in mud for play.

The mother said ask Him

and the lost will be found.

So she knelt before the altar

and bowed her head in pray.

Somewhere in the silence

she hoped to hear her name

whispered softly,

with the tenderest touch,

a sign from the mighty Lord

that what she sought was found.

But the silence was empty

no softness nor sign

the answer loud and clear-

some things lost

never can be found. StockSnap_FH6L2TOER2.jpg


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